Tarry Chou was born in Taiwan and raised in the Bay Area. Ever since she was a child, she would encounter lost stray dogs during her walks home and bring them back for a warm bath and a good meal. Little did she know, her early attraction to the well being of pups would later motivate her to bring a bit of good change to the world.

She moved to the Bay Area when she was in her teens, and continued on to graduate with a degree in Graphic Design. Formally trained and skilled with an art and design background, she worked as a full time graphic designer.

While working for design agencies, she realized that Koko made her happy throughout her daily routine. Keeping Koko’s fur cut and groomed was taking a toll though, and she was curious about how the dog grooming process worked.

She decided to take a class and found she enjoyed it so much that she transformed her career into a dog groomer. Her keen eye for detail, nurtured from her days as a graphic designer, helped each grooming become something extraordinary.

Sadly, Doggieville Bay Area closed in 2015. However, with some considerable thought and encouraged by many supportive friends and family who trusted her experience and direction, Tarry realized she did not want to see an end to such an invigorating part of her life.

And that’s how Goody Goody Dog Salon began! Nurtured by Tarry’s careful and tender care, she works to make sure every dog who comes through Goody Goody will leave happy, well groomed, and most importantly, a Goody Goody dog!